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The Devil's Reign
The Final Warning
& The Little Blue Man


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The poem that inspired the book.




One person of every race and creed

Was invited by a man,

To join him in a meeting

And bring peace to every land.


With hopes of having peace on Earth

From far and wide they came,

Men of all races, men of all creeds;

Some caring, to some just a game.


One by one they arrived and were seated,

Then they all noticed one empty chair.

“Where’s our host?” yelled one man to the others.

“He’s late and I’m sure he sits there.”


They started the meeting without him,

But with their differences just couldn’t relate.

So they decided to cancel the meeting

And living in peace had to wait.


Then suddenly their host ran into the room,

Yelling, “Don’t leave, I’ll help if I can.”

But they called him, “Old Blue,” and laughed when they saw

Their host was a Little Blue Man.


“You all have the right to be different,” he said.

“But your ways forced onto others must cease.

If you lose a debate but as friends still relate,

You’ll help lay the foundation of peace.”


“Muslim, Yellow, Christian, White,

Buddhist, Black or Jew;

Your creeds, your colors or beliefs,

Aren’t why I care for you.”


“I am blue unlike all of you,

Yet, in my house we can all abide.

But a blue man to you is so different,

You’re embarrassed with me by your side.”


“I’ll be on my way, I have friends to meet

Who have differences just like you.

But they live together as brothers

And to them, I’m not Old Blue.”


“Many names in the past you have called me,

I wasn’t Old Blue till we met.

But a blue man to you is so different,

The good names you seem to forget.”


“When you’re brothers, I’ll come back to see you,

And the same path together we’ll trod.

Then, call me the names you’ve replaced with Old Blue,

Like Allah, Jehovah, or God.”


If you judge or put down other people

Change you’re ways as fast as you can.

For someday you may be condemning someone

Who once was the Little Blue Man.  
 © George Newberry






George Newberry Receives
The Book Publicist Awards - Hollywood, CA

George Newberry & Irwin Zucker

Randy Delturco & George

Publisher gives new life to author's controversial tale

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About the Book

The Devil’s Reign
is a true story.  Statements made by the author in this book have been validated with documentation and verified by this publisher's legal department.You will read about a near-death experience, an ensuing mission to expose the forces of evil and warn people to get their lives in order with God, and mind-boggling events that followed.

George spent years writing a screenplay to relay his message, while being bombarded with problems, financial losses and shocking supernatural experiences. For example: The name “Lucifer” mysteriously appeared on a court document, baffling even the agencies involved. When numerology was done on the circumstance involving that name it equaled “666.”

Many documented and witnessed supernatural occurrences followed. A priest told George, “You have to finish your story or the Devil wins.”George finished his screenplay. But, he was still being watched by an evil eye. In 1998 a Hollywood Producer took $20,000 from him and destroyed his script. In 1999, over twenty scenes of George’s script appeared in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film, “End of Days.” The production company for that film was “Lucifilms” and the production start date was November 21, 1998, George’s birthday.

George realized he was living the story he was to tell. He was in the midst of a battle between the forces of good and evil. His faith in the forces of good gave him the strength to confront the onslaught of evil, and he kept writing. He couldn’t let the Devil win. 

Regardless of religious beliefs, The Devil’s Reign is an inspiring book that will change people’s lives for the better.“The lamb never killed the lion. We can’t conquer evil when we are bound by our own rules. We must fight evil with our enemy’s rules and with equal force or we will be destroyed.”

About the Author

George Newberry was born in Missouri and grew up in Illinois. George’s spiritual awakening came at the age of 12, after seeing the film “The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima.” That proved to George that films do have an influence on people’s lives.

At the age of 14, after major surgery, George had a near-death experience. He was told, “You have to go back, you have a destiny to fulfill.”

In 1968, George moved to Southern California. He currently resides in Ontario and Palm Springs. He has two daughters, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He owns and operates his own business. He is also a previously published author.

In 1977, George had a dream. When his dream ended, a voice said to him, “Now you have dreamed a story, wake up write it down and do something with it.” That dream sent George on a mission to warn people to fight the forces of evil and to encourage them to get their lives in order with God. If George had known his effort, via a screenplay, was going to place him in the midst of a battle between the forces of good and evil, he would have began his mission with fear and trepidation. But, George withstood all obstacles and fulfilled his mission. He lived the documented true story he was to tell. He wrote this book with hopes that it will inspire people to live better lives.

George is a member of The Thalians, a show business charity organization founded and chaired by Debbie Reynolds and Ruta Lee. He was a member of the Beverly Hills Friar’s Club, a member of the Board of Directors of The Film Welfare League and The Pomona Valley Writer’s Association, and he is Past President of The Film and Performing Artists Foundation.

Free Preview

       The Devil's Reign is a true story. Statements made by the author in this book have been validated with documentation and verified by this publisher's legal department.

       You will read about unexplainable, mysterious, supernatural, mind-boggling events. You will find them hard to believe, but everything within these pages is validated by witnesses or legal documentation. These are the experiences and events that have molded me into the person I am.     This is a story about a near-death experience, a dream, supernatural events, prophecy and what I believe to be my destiny.  From my experiences I have learned that the forces of good and evil do exist.

       Is the Devil’s time short?  Is Satan in control of the world? Is he spreading his evil everywhere trying to win every soul he can get before his time is up?  Are we being warned, no matter what religion we may be, to get our lives in order with God before it’s too late? Based on my experiences I believe so. 

       I am not a religious fanatic.  I am no better than any ordinary human being.  I am far from being perfect and I am a sinner like everyone else.   I have wondered many times why I, of all people, was chosen to write this story.  But, for whatever reason, some things have happened to me that, to my knowledge, have not happened to anyone else.  Spiritual things.  Supernatural things. Things that are hard to believe.  Things that have placed me in direct conflict with an evil force: The Devil, Satan, Lucifer or whatever you may call him. Satan doesn’t want this story told.  He has done his best to destroy both my story and me.

       What is my destiny?  I don’t know all of it. I have heard no divine voices. I have not talked to God.  But, I have had many experiences that have given me a story that I know is my destiny to tell.  It is a story that may help stop evil and change people’s lives for the better. 

       The biggest trick of Satan is convincing people he doesn’t exist.  He also wants people who do believe he exists to be afraid of him.  He definitely doesn’t want people to believe there is a God.  And, if they do believe there is a God, he wants them to blame God for all their problems.  From the time I began to fulfill this “destiny” I have been under attack by an evil force.  I have dealt with tremendous heartaches, gut wrenching anxieties, and huge financial losses.  It hasn’t been easy.  But I have survived.  People pretending to be friends, who may have been unaware they were being used by Satan, caused me the most pain.  

       I know the battle isn’t over; I must keep fighting.  Regardless of what happens to me, I can’t give up.  I can’t let evil win.  I must keep my faith in God, faith in what I know and believe, and faith in what I am doing.  Only things God wants to happen will happen. 


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